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Research Assistant Job Description

Research Assistant - The Full Story

Deadline for application: 31st October

Salary: 23k per annum

Send applications to


We are looking for a Research Assistant to join our friendly, passionate London team and support us to do great work for big global brands and organisations. Our clients include TikTok, Sony Music, Twitch, The Body Shop, KFC, TRESemmé & Diageo to name a few.


Who we are:


One Minute to Midnight are a Global Human Insight Agency working in Market Research meaning brands come to us for help to understand their audiences.


To bring them closer to their audience / future audience we go out across the world to speak to people about anything and everything depending on our clients’ needs. We have a range of research methods that include interactive group sessions, online communities, one to one interviews … we’ve even hosted a cocktail night! After speaking to people, we turn these findings into a report that we present to our clients to enable them to do things that are in line with what people really want.


Our work influences everything from creating adverts to developing products to building brand & customer relationships… we even changed the storyline of one of the world’s greatest video games. We work on a whole load of exciting projects, one completely different from the next which means it’s never boring!


During our research we explore relationships between audiences and the four parts of being human - i.e. our behaviours, our feelings, our thinking and finally, and most importantly, our values.


 We’re now looking for a Research Assistant to become part of our One Minute to Midnight family and help us with our market research!



What we offer


  • Currently trialling a 4-day working week

  • Yearly training budget for growth and development

  • Monthly budgets to spend on anything that makes you happy & things that inspire you

  • Internal training

  • Monthly check ins to review your goals and growth

  • Great clients – TikTok, Twitch, Diageo, Sony Music, KFC

  • Exciting projects


About You:


The role


  • We will provide all the training you need to become a great qualitative researcher

  • With our support you will assist senior team members across all stages of research projects, including:

    • Design of research programmes

    • Project management, liaising with clients and suppliers

    • Moderating research discussions (face to face and/or online)

    • Participating in analysis sessions

    • Presenting findings to clients

    • Creating exciting, fun outputs for clients

    • Social media content creating

    • Administrative duties & office management


What you will bring


  • Curiosity about people, society and the world 

  • A desire to go beyond the surface & ask questions

  • Creativity, an analytical mindset and good organisation skills

  • A hands-on / proactive attitude & initiative to solve problems

  • Dedication & eagerness to learn and improve

  • Good at working in teams

  • An all-round top Human


Salary: £23K per annum


 The process:


You’re still reading this and are feeling interested, even excited?  We would love to hear from you!


Applications are purely task based and we are not asking for a standard CV. In order to apply please send us:

  • A personal statement or letter: Please tell us what excites you about working at One Minute to Midnight – why do you want to join our team?


  • A story telling exercise: Tell us about your perfect dinner party if you were the host. A few areas to think about - What would you make? Why this meal? What would it be like? How would you go about creating the meal? What would the evening be like? Paint a picture for us so we can feel like we’re there with you!


  • Lastly, we want to know a tiny bit more about you… what gets you up out of bed in the morning? What really excites you?


  • Feel free to use any format you would like for these tasks (including video - but please ensure that there are no personal identifiers such as your face or voice included)


To ensure diversity in our recruitment processes, we work with a blind recruitment policy. With your application, please do not supply a picture, video or other details that could identify you or any educational information. We will ensure that interview invitations are sent out based off anonymous personal statements and pre-tasks answers.


Successful first round applicants will be invited along for an assessment day. We will reimburse up to £50 for travel for successful applicants from outside of London.


Please send all application tasks to


The deadline for applications is 31st October 2021 and invitations will be made by 5th November

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