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Press Release - September 2023

UK/US – Human insight company One Minute to Midnight launches dedicated global quantitative business One Minute to Midnight & Counting that puts human understanding at the heart of business.

One Minute to Midnight & Counting’s goal is to infuse deep human insight into client organisations through a quantitative understanding of human values, emotional bonds and brand vibes. The venture will be servicing businesses across the UK and US, partnering with clients who want to make human understanding a core part of their decision-making. 


In addition to bespoke consultancy, the company will soon be launching a global human values mapping programme to provide clients with foresight on how values relate to culture and the ever-changing zeitgeist. 


Co-founder Krikor Mugerian will lead the global quantitative business. Previously, Mugerian spent over decade and a half at Material+ both in his native LA & London, working with blue-chip clients in sports apparel, tech, media, FMCG and finserv on large scale research programmes such as big market segmentations and global brand tracking. He has expressed: “Many clients continue to operate in echo chambers, and unfortunately research can often end up reflecting this siloed thinking… we as humans have deep rooted needs, react to things emotionally and want to enrich our lives for the better. I’m excited to bring this sort of thinking into our understanding of how humans connect with brands, products and experiences.”


Global One Minute to Midnight Co-Founder Douglas Dunn commented; “Increasingly our clients have been asking us to create a quantitative offering that matches the high standards of our qualitative research so we’re delighted to formally open One Minute to Midnight & Counting today. This venture is hugely important for us as it propels us into being a truly full-service research company, with a world-class human-focused offering across both quantitative and qualitative disciplines. It’s exciting for our teams in NYC & London and will enable us to deliver more meaningful and human insights to our clients at a greater scale.”

About One Minute to Midnight

One Minute to Midnight was founded in London by Douglas Dunn and Paul Laver in 2016 and expanded to the US in 2020, with Andy Cooper heading up the New York Office. The company offers both qualitative and quantitative research.
Their unique approach to immersing clients into their audience has won them a place as a finalist for the AURA Innovation of the Year award. 

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