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  • Paul Laver

Why our creative development research is different

One Minute to Midnight’s creative development is different from many others, and it's why we provide useful guidance to both agencies and clients for many leading global brands like TikTok, Axe, KFC, PlayStation, PokerStars, and Shell. It’s not the tools we use, but how they work to unlock creative development.

The problem with much creative development is that it just focuses on the advertising idea: is it different, is it comprehended, does it communicate the intended message, will it stand out, does it fit / move our brand on.

It sounds logical to refine an idea and make it better, but by looking at the ‘it’ we’re looking at the wrong thing. What creative development should ultimately do is drive a change within our intended audience.

This change can be a call to purchase, an alteration in perceptions, an increase in knowledge of the features of a product/service/brand, or reinforcing an already held belief that brands help to enact.

The creative ‘it’ is the vehicle to spark this change, so at One Minute to Midnight we start by working with the client and agency to establish what changes within the humans/audience/consumer we’re seeking to achieve. What are the profound goals and purpose of the ‘it’? In order to do that, you need to understand your ‘who’.

It’s the fundamental purpose of One Minute to Midnight- to deliver Human Truths to make things happen. We focus on the human; your audience, your consumer (if you have to use that word-we’re not fans but that’s whole other blog post to come!).

We get to the core of where people are right now, how they live their lives, how they view the world around them, the category, the competition, and your brand. By understanding the human, we then explore how a creative idea can be purposeful and shift behavior and perception.

This difference in focus has a fundamental effect on how an idea is explored and results in work that is relevant, guides, and enables ideas to be nurtured and refined with sensitivity and precision, not based on a boring list of likes and dislikes, but on how the idea will affect people deeply and fulfill its intention.

So by putting the human first in Creative Development Research we in fact give far more respect and oxygen to the creative idea. This is why the most progressive clients and agencies love working with us.

Why not contact or to find out how you can elicit the change you intend through your creative.

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