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.Human Futures Volume 2.

.A traveller's guide.
.to.a Cost of Living.
friendly holiday.


Flight and accommodation bookings are surging, and experts are predicting the busiest season since the pandemic began.

Get ready for a summer travel boom!

Based on this, you might think we’re over the worst of the cost of living crisis…. But no you haven’t missed anything, the crisis doesn’t seem to be abating, instead the rise in bookings demonstrates the national sentiment that we need something to look forward to, a break from reality, challenges and bills. And what better way than physically leaving our normal life behind and jet setting to a happier, sunnier and more optimistic destination?

But despite bookings seeming to defy the current economic climate, these holidays are not a reckless splurge. Spending money on a ‘non-essential’ when the nation is supposed to be tightening its belt means there’s an awful lot riding on our holidays to:


a) be worth the money spent on them 

b) to live up to the hopes pinned on them

As a result we are yearning for a sense of security to guarantee that our vacations will be worth the financial and emotional investment. 


We saw this desire for security manifest itself in three distinct ways:


Let’s take a look in more detail….

Tried and tested

Revisiting the same destination offers solace through the familiar

What better way to guarantee a good time, than revisiting a tried and tested holiday destination

A study of 2,000 brits has revealed that nearly three-quarters (73%) have returned to the same hotel abroad more than once, averaging more than four return trips. There’s a level of comfort and peace of mind that a repeat visit brings; we know what to expect, the best places to visit and even the places to avoid i.e. that seafood bar that gives you a dodgy stomach!

Coupled with knowing what to expect, there’s also the power of nostalgia at play. Reminiscing on past holiday memories of a much loved destination, can create warm fuzzy feelings and sentimentality about what's been and hope for what’s to come. 


This familiarity and warmth for a location is what makes it an easy choice to return to, especially when we’re watching how and where we spend our money. We want to guarantee a good time so why not rely on our old favourites to provide this for us.


Pinning all our hopes and finances on one big holiday can feel like too big a gamble, especially if it means we can only go on holiday once a year. To mitigate this risk, some of us prefer to take smaller but more frequent trips, typically as a city break.


.Spreading the risk by mini breaking to avoid putting all our eggs in one basket.

For the optimist this means we’re able to spread out the joy into bite size chunks. However, for the more pessimistic or risk averse, this option means we’re not pinning all our hopes and finances on one holiday but instead giving ourselves multiple opportunities to enjoy ourselves & escape reality for a short while. 


This also means if something doesn’t live up to the hype we’ve not spent too much on it, we haven’t used up our sacred annual leave allowance, and we’re not stuck there for long… And, perhaps more importantly, we don’t have the regret of feeling like we’ve blown it, instead we can feel secure in the knowledge that we have more chances of success.

.Trusted Ally.

TikTok is an ideal companion for maximising limited time on a mini break. The platform offers the opportunity to preview destinations through people's content which can provide inspiration, information and advice on the best things to do. This insight means travellers are getting the most out of their trip and not missing out any hidden gems.

Mini breaks
Package holidays
Screenshot 2023-04-27 at 18.20.20.png

Choosing package holidays delivers a sense of control

This isn’t necessarily about a cheaper holiday, but having control and oversight over the total cost. Although paying for everything upfront may seem like a large expense, for many it’s worth it as it eliminates the worry of any nasty surprises when they arrive, instead everything is already paid and taken care of. 

Ultimately, this sense of financial certainty provides a feeling of freedom and allows travellers to relax and enjoy their holiday to the fullest.


.Trusted Ally.

TUI has always been known for its package holidays but they’ve recognised that the increased popularity of the package holiday means their audience is more diverse than ever. 


On TUI It’s super simple to search for a range of all inclusive holidays based on a variety of activities, needs & motivations. It’s not just beach resorts or skiing but ‘Green & Fair Hotels’ or ‘Free Kids Place Finder’... helping people to feel reassured that they can find a holiday that matches their values and needs while providing certainty over their budgets.

How can your brand help mitigate the risk associated with big spends?

Life’s hard right now and holidays can serve as an excellent remedy to escape the difficulties and struggles of daily life, but splurging on a "non-essential" activity may seem extravagant or even irresponsible. Consequently, individuals desire a certain level of security to justify the expense of these vacations and ensure they are worthwhile. 


This presents an opportunity for a brand to emerge as a knight in shining armour by providing services and products that deliver a sense of security and protection.


Below are some points to ponder and reflect on:

  • How does your brand currently provide opportunities for people to feel in control over their spends? Think: fixed price, full transparency over costs, paying via instalments…


  • In what ways can your brand offer people a sense of familiarity and induce feelings of nostalgia? Are there ways to encourage repeat visits through rewarding loyalty and recognising returning visitors?

  • How does your brand provide more frequent but cost effective opportunities for joy? 


  • What are the opportunities for your brand to provide insight and inspiration so people can make more informed decisions and thus feel more confident in their choices?


Once we know the answers to these key questions, we can then ask ourselves

.How can we help you achieve those goals?.

.Feel free to send us an email. .to.get in touch & find out more! 

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