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  • Emily Hoong

Brand of the Week: "When You're Up For Your Favourites" by McDonald's

January is the month where people are a bit more conscious about health because of Christmas overindulgence and also ‘new year, new me’ so advance apologies for those who are trying to stay on a healthy track as today’s Brand of the Week is: McDonald’s When You’re Up For Your Favourites

What is the campaign?

In celebration of McDelivery Day in Singapore, held from the 8th – 11th of April, McDonald’s wanted to remind people that they can rely on the fast-food chain if they ever got hungry late at night. For this campaign, McDonald’s worked with Parisian artist Anne-Laure Maison to create posters featuring windows – a symbol of being up late – placed in shape of iconic McDonald’s food.

They also created a video ad featuring a security guard, an environmentalist working in a remote part of the island and a student pulling an all-nighter to finish off homework, getting their favourite meal with the help of GrabFood, a food delivery service in Singapore.

What values does this campaign enable?

Staying up late while everyone is asleep or being in the wild alone, as the video ad depicts, can be a lonely experience. It can also be difficult to make food during these times. McDonald’s showing up in these times with your favourite meal shows how much they care and brings joy in times of solitude.

It also shows dependability when there are limited options or you simply don’t have the time or motivation to cook. Working with GrabFood, a specialist food delivery service also increases trust in the company being able to deliver food successfully.


Emily Hoong (Research Manager, OMTM)

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