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  • Shems Ghali

We love stuff... not any stuff, The Goodstuff - especially on Valentines Day

Dear world,

February the 14th, what took you so long! Valentines, Galentines, Palentines? however you chose to celebrate last Friday, I feel like we all needed a day of love. There’s so much negativity in the media it's overwhelming, meaning it’s even more important to focus on the good. Have you heard of Goodstuff, a creative agency? Or #GoodstuffLoves? If not, let me introduce you to their initiative.

Last year, in 2019, Goodstuff launched the #GoodstuffLoves social campaign to combat the negativity they faced in their industry and this year they did it again. A list of 14 loves for the 14th of February.

“We picked 14 things we wanted to celebrate and gave them a big shout out on our social channels and sent them some love in the form of a big bunch of balloons.”

From reading the list you can instantly tell that they really champion their employees and care about how they are treated. The list has a wide variety of loves, but the one that grabbed our attention was:

“We love Havas Media for keeping us on our toes by pipping us (just!) to be the fastest growing media agency in 2019.  You’ve had a hell of year, but please, back off the new biz bit for a while eh?”

Can you imagine Havas Media receivingballoons on Valentine’s day from their competitor Goodstuff? It made us laugh, but I guess that’s the point. Challenging the seriousness of the industry and congratulating others on their successes, regardless of who they might be. Maybe we need a little more of this?

Here’s a link to the rest if you want to give it a read:

Clearly, this could just be a wry marketing technique. Plenty of positive equity. We’re still talking about #GoodstuffLoves nearly a week later, and you’re reading about it right now. Well done, Goodstuff…

But to us, they stand out as a great company to work for, and full of compassion. Let’s not be cynical, let’s choose love like they’ve done. It’s a touching tribute and a great example of how to live life. Thank you, Goodstuff.

Tara for now,


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