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  • Paul Laver

Right here, right now?

Showing your friend an Instagram account?

Scrolling down the page

Taking turns pointing out posts that make you laugh

Are you socially present right here, right now?

Sat in the pub / cafe / airport lounge?

You on a mobile, your colleague on a laptop

Sharing Facebook videos of cats, sports, home cooking

Are you socially present right here, right now?

Choosing a banging track with your crew?

Using AmpMe to put your phones together

And dancing in the street*

Are you socially present right here, right now?

Sitting next to your best friend who's staring at Amazon?

Asking your advice on an xmas jumper

Grateful to be the chosen style now!

Are you socially present right there, right now?

At a restaurant having finished a beautiful meal?

Now it is time to split the cost

And for ease you PayPal them what you owe, transfer done

Are you socially present right here, right now?

Videoing a moment of you and your other half?

Together deciding it would look better with a filter

Laughing aloud at how silly you look and it gets even funnier

Are you socially present right here and right now?

It is easy to diss the isolationism, dehumanisation and potential damage tech, social media et al is having on our lives, changing them beyond recognition...

BUT we are still human and our devices have become part of who and what we are in ways which can enhance our humanity rather than just erode it. This humanity may look different, there will be tonnes of missteps along the way and we have to constantly be observant...but ultimately tech is here to stay and it has immense capacities to revitalise sociability amongst humans.

Indeed, sharing online might actually give us more to share in real life….

*actually haven't seen anyone do that but it looks fun in the ad

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