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Pancake Day

Dear World,

Pancake Day, arguably the best day of the year. There’s nothing better than rushing home to whip up a batch of these sweet (or savoury) treats. Pancake flipping contest? It’s a must! Toppings? Where to begin.

Now, I believe I have the best recipe… you’ve probably heard that a thousand times and funnily enough, everyone else at One Minute to Midnight thinks the same thing about theirs. So, if you’re in need of some pancake inspo this evening or just want to try something new why not give one, or two, of these a try.

Karis’ “It always has to be a Crepe” recipe:

“I like my pancakes <strong>thin</strong> and a little bit crispy around the edge! I keep them simple too, just lemon and sugar – that’s the best way. I use the BBC Good Food Recipe as my staple – it never goes wrong. Hope you enjoy them!”

Charlie’s “Galettes… the best a man can get” recipe:

“Savoury is the way for me. I love mine with a bit of cheese, tomatoes, fresh herbs and maybe even an egg. The French know their stuff! I’ve used this recipe from the Independent in the past and it’s a great base for any Galette pancake.”

Shems’ “Vegan connoisseur” recipe:

“For those vegans amongst us or just anyone who fancies giving a vegan recipe a go, you have to try this! The bananas make all the difference, trust me.  A whole new level to a pancake. You can thank me later.

Paul’s “Grangers restaurant is as far as my recipe goes”

“I treat myself on Pancake Day by going to Grangers, their pancakes are the best! Why would I make them myself when I know I can’t beat them? Look at how good they look! I’ll put a link to their website so you can check them out if you’re in London, Japan, Australia or even Hawaii”

Astrid’s “Easy-peasy, lemon squeezy” recipe:

“The easier the better for me! I don’t like fat pancakes but also don’t like them too thin and they have to be fluffy, anyone else the same? I’ve managed to find a recipe that fits this to a T. I’m with Karis too, lemon and sugar are all you need” Click to view the recipe

Doug’s “Family favourite” recipe:

“American style pancakes are my family favourite; the kids love them! So versatile, great with any topping and if you want to go dairy free just switch the milk to plant-based. It’s great to do with the kids and see their topping masterpieces.”

Pancakes can be a great insight into people’s habits don’t you think? You could even go as far to say that they’re a metaphor for an insight project. There’s not a singular way to make them and everyone’s might be a little bit different but the important thing is to be creative and true to yourself to see what you produce.

Let us know if you give any of these ago, or if you think your pancakes can top these – we’re always looking for any reason to make a fresh batch.

Happy Pancake Day!


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