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  • Paul Laver

Welcome to the World of One Minute to Midnight

There’s a sea of stuff out there: trend reports; big data; industry newsletters; thought pieces and new widgets. Don’t get us wrong we love a widget but without meaning they all remain just stuff

We're in the business of giving stuff meaning and purpose. We believe meaning can only be achieved by anchoring insight in The Human. Everything we do seeks to understand the 4 Dimensions of being human - actions, emotions, thoughts and our most important dimension of all, values - to ensure that brands connect in the most powerful, authentically human ways.

To create purpose we take you on the journey too, because together we can create winning human insights that reverberate throughout your business.

Our slightly odd name reminds us of these core principles, because if you map the story of the world on to a 24 hour clock humans arrived at One Minute to Midnight.

Thank you for taking time out to explore how we can help you deliver Human Wins. We’d love to meet you soon.

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