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  • George Clapp

Brand of the Week: Wren Kitchens "The Greatest Showroom"

Hey everyone! I hope you've all had great weeks coming off the back of Easter! For this Brand of the Week, I really wanted to focus on pure joy... For better or worse (mostly better), a lot of brands look to make a statement through their campaigns by tackling contemporary discussions and issues, but there’s still room for brands to focus solely the enjoyment of their product – no statements, no missions, just looking to draw a smile!

With that in mind, I happened across this advert from Wren Kitchens which demonstrates just this! Furniture, homeware, and kitchen stores all have a particular selling point which is their in-store experience, like IKEA’s often maze-like navigation or B&Q’s immense scale, but these brands don’t often deploy these strengths in their campaigns, instead focusing on their role within your home. In contrast, Wren has decided to completely buy into their showroom experience, and I for one am glad they did!

So what is the campaign?

The ad starts with a couple walking fairly routinely into a Wren Kitchens showroom, but quickly transforms into a colourful and vibrant dance along to ‘If they could see me now’ from the musical Sweet Charity. The ad follows the couple as they dance through different kitchens acting as stages, and the ad finishes up with them in their brand-new kitchen, standing still for the first time. It tells a simple yet gratifying story, and really jumps out from many of the adverts you can find from similar brands.

What values does this campaign enable?

More than anything else, the ad just brings a smile to your face. It’s not asking you to think, challenge your perspective, or give you a direct call to action – it’s just telling you to sit and enjoy the performance. It also excels in showing off what it’s often like going through a showroom; it’s all about exploring different options, pretending each kitchen is already yours and “performing” as you would in your own home. Kitchen’s are a place of joy, of socialising, and of indulgence, so it’s only right that an advert for kitchen shows all of this off.

Kitchens are also a place of creation! A place for discovering new recipes, new experiences, and trying new things in general. Because of that, picking your new kitchen needs to feel like an expression of your personality – something this advert does in spades.

Often, ads like this focus on the gleaming, brand-new surfaces that will be placed immaculately into your home. Here, it’s all about the choice that the showroom can offer, showing how you can cater your kitchen to your needs and your identity. It’s something that makes it stand out even more.

Wishing you all an equally joyful and creative weekend – see you next week!


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