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Brand of the Week: Tesla's Values

I’ve never been that into cars, they get me from A to B, and that’s about it… but for some reason, whenever I see a Tesla it’s a whole different story. I can’t help but point it out, stop and look, and then talk about how I’d love to own one. It really feels like it’s more than just a car.

Although there hasn’t been a particular campaign or advert that has called my attention to the brand, it frequently comes up in my conversations with friends, family, and colleagues which made it an ideal option to be our latest Brand of the Week.

There’s something uniquely captivating about Tesla, and it feels like people are investing in the brand as well as the car. The craze of pre-ordering models that won’t come out for upwards of a year reminds more more of the rush to get the latest iPhone or video game console rather than a car, which is a real testament to how differentiated the brand feels from the rest of the EV market.

This isn’t a coincidence. Tesla is a brand that evokes many values incredibly strongly. Owning or supporting Tesla as a brand is a statement on who you are as a person, much more so than any other car purchase.

So what values does the brand enable?

Tesla’s values story is equally captivating. It is a rare example of a brand that promotes both power and universalism in the same vein. These two are particularly powerful motivators separately, but when they are combined, they make Tesla a symbol of luxury and superiority, but also responsibility and progress.

There are numerous aspects to Tesla’s ability to promote Power. The first and most direct of which is the expense. When people see a Tesla on the street, they see the money required to buy one - something that is only becoming more pronounced with the gradual growth of the EV market. It’s a car that people look up to, no matter what they drive.

From more of an owner’s perspective, being a Tesla owner comes with the prestige of being part of a special club. They feel proud of their car and notice when people on the street take a second, or even a third look. But this is a silent power - a knowing look that validates your success which separates itself from the presence of a souped up sports car, or the imposition of a big-wheeled truck.

“Our Model S makes us feel like rock stars. People notice the car on the road and point at us driving by!”

“I am proud to say, I was the first one on my block to own a Tesla!”

There is also a pride of being a leader in environmental progress. Many outlets for power begin and end with being more successful, more wealthy, more ambitious than others. However, Tesla owners feel that being a leader in this sense actually leads them to make more ecologically based choices in other areas of their lives. Instead of just showing off their success, they can use it to become a better, more responsible person at the same time…

“Tesla has made me become more environmentally conscious. I have even converted my home to be on solar power.”

Tesla is a great example of a luxury brand that aims to be more and do more, and it’s something I hope we’ll see in other brands within the EV market and elsewhere as we move forward.

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