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Brand of the Week: Nicce & Bikestormz "Finding Space"

Hello Everyone! This week I’ve been looking at some of the brands that I use or wear on a day-to-day basis to understand them beyond just what they mean for me, but also how they’ve actively sought to represent themselves over the last couple of years.

One that’s particularly jumped out to me is Nicce – a fashion brand whom I didn’t know anything about before, but they have some really interesting comms that really speaks to their motivations as a brand. In particular, their partnership with Bikestormz in March 2021 called “Finding Space” stood out to me as a great example of a brand allowing people to live their values.

So, what is this campaign?

Bikestormz is a bike movement based in London which attracts thousands of riders each year. They’re known for their not-so-conservative riding techniques and routes, and provocative events which have included rides in protest to knife crime, as well as other causes. It’s a constructive outlet for teens and young adults in the city to rally around, but they do cut a very controversial figure in the eyes of some.

All of this made me really impressed with Nicce’s campaign with Bikestormz last year, which put the spotlight on some of the more renowned riders and told their stories through using a voiceover from one of the movement’s members. It’s filmed in Bethnal Green, which is its birthplace, and has a real air of authenticity about it which really drew me into the brand. You can watch the ad here:

What values does this campaign enable?

The campaign exudes a sense of self-identity – being proud of your story but also not letting it define you. It’s encouraging young people to find their own way no matter their starting point. There’s also a sense of freedom about it – while it’s set in a relatively urban setting, the theme of finding space comes out not only in finding the space to ride, but also finding the space to express yourself.

This also links to a sense of adventure and edginess. London is notoriously dangerous for cyclists, so this has also been a way to reclaim the city space as a place for people to ride, not just to drive. It’s a movement that’s driven by adrenaline to its core.

There’s also a real sense of joy here. It’s story of teens and young adults finding a connection with people they otherwise would never have met, and a hobby that they can share with thousands of others.

The choice of Nicce to shine a light on this also shows immense bravery as a brand to me – the movement does have a mixed reputation, but their choice to display the meaningful and human context behind it has drawn me closer to them for certain.

Thanks for reading!


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