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We’re a human insights company. Our vision is to create the most exciting, meaningful insights across the globe. 

By understanding humans at their core and delivering their truths in simple, creative ways. In these pages, you’ll glimpse what motivates us, what makes us tick, and why we do what we do. It’s a brief guide to our philosophy and how we make great things happen.


Our philosophy and culture has been created by everyone at One Minute to Midnight. Each year we hold a Festival and get the entire global team together to share ideas to help guide the future of One Minute to Midnight. It’s not about empowering culture but enabling the team to create it.


If you’re a client, our Humanual is a neat way to see what we’re about. If you’re a colleague, it’s a handy guide to keeping standards high and making sure we stay true to who we are.


And if you have comments, suggestions or want to join us, please get in touch. 

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London Hub

Good Space

4 Lonsdale Rd

London NW6 6RD

+44 (0)20 7043 1022

New York Hub

325 Hudson Street

4th FloorNew York

NY 10013

+1 (332) 201 5096

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Living our values
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We spend a lot of time thinking about other people’s values, so we make sure we’re really clear about our own.

And we work hard to live our values too. Each week, our colleagues throw a specially made values dice. Whichever value the dice lands on, we work extra hard at that week. It’s just how we roll…

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 Learning Constantly 


As a curious bunch we actively seek out knowledge. The result is that we’re always in the know about what’s going down in the world. But it doesn’t stop there. We share learnings with others and through that, create a culture of marginal gains. We realise improvement is a step-by-step process and focus on individual growth. It’s only when members of the team grow, that the company grows.

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Makin it happen together
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 Diverse and inclusive 

The best research comes from a myriad of audiences. And the best companies have teams with all kinds of life experience. We welcome the unique perspectives that will enable us to be more thoughtful humans both personally and professionally.
As a forward-thinking agency, we champion human diversity & inclusion: when it comes to race, gender, sexuality, economic or academic background, age – we never discriminate.
We believe in doing our part when it comes to making the insights industry more accessible and equitable for everyone, no matter your background, education, or work experience – when it comes to hiring for our junior-level roles, we use an equitable hiring process that blinds not only demographic information, but educational and professional experience to encourage students and graduates outside of the industry to apply for our junior-level role(s).


 The only way is up 

Every month, we meet with a Founding Partner to discuss how we can grow, develop and work better. Everyone gets an individual training budget – for presentation skills, personal development, you name it.


 Embracing change 

We’re always thinking about how we can improve. We promote a space where thoughtful dialogue and ideas can thrive. We’re open to new ideas, old ideas – or a mash-up of both.


 £/$80 says you can 

We love to leave our desks behind and seek out new skills, insights, knowledge, and inspiration. That’s why we get £/$50 a month each (ker-ching!) to do something artistic, magical or unique – as long as we share what we’ve learned with the team.


On top of that, we also have £/$30 a month each to spend on whatever brings us joy – so we’re always actively contributing to our wellness outside of the workplace.

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We love our work... 

but it’s important to get to know each other as humans – not just colleagues. We have regular monthly socials to have fun and keep the positive energy going.

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We all have lives outside of work – and we’re encouraged to make the most of them. 

We promote flexible working…

  • To feel more energised & more motivated

  • To allow more time for personal challenges so we grow as people (and the company does too). 

  • As a result we work more effectively and act smarter

Oh and everyone gets a one-month sabbatical after five years in the job! 

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 Team client 

We listen, then design the research together. We work to spec, but we always add value.


 Tell it like it is 

We’re all about the real talk – even if the research delivers insights that are not what we want to or expect to hear, we’re invested in our clients’ success. We believe in delivering the most valuable and strategic insights – even if it challenges existing or long-standing thoughts and perceptions. Our work is based on evidence and due diligence, and we can back it all up.


 Inspiration information 

We present insightful ideas in unique formats, games, qr codes, videos, magazines.. you name it… and we do it with authority.

 What’s the point? 

We never do work ‘for the sake of it’. We’re so passionate about making sure our research is useful so it doesn’t just end up on a shelf that we did our own study on it.
Click here or scan to check out The Usefulness Project on our website.

 We heart NDAs 

We respect consumers’, clients’ and employees’ data and ideas under national laws. We’re GDPR compliant.


 Trust, not bribes 

Shucks, we love presents – both giving and receiving. But if it’s OTT or lacks transparency, we’ll politely decline. Research aside, we won’t offer you anything extravagant either.


 The extra mile 

No methodology is too hard, no audience too niche, no destination too remote. If it’s ethical and legal, we’ll do whatever we can to get your humans heard.

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Making it happen with clients
Making it happen with suppliers
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 Relationships, not transactions 

We’re friendly, dependable, and trustworthy – and we’re always looking to build human (not transactional) relationships with suppliers who share the same values. 

 We're all ears 

Our suppliers are trustworthy experts whom we can rely on time and time again. We’re committed to our partnerships and listen with consideration to their thoughts and ideas that can help us deliver even more successful research moving forward.


Making it happen for the world
Join the team
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 We tread lightly 

It’s a privilege to travel the world with our work. To balance the impact of every flight we take, we partner with airlines who offer a carbon offset program and invest in environmental projects around the world.


 We give back 

We’re a charitable team. We contribute to causes that are important to us (as individuals, and as a whole) through yearly profit donations, fundraising events, and by championing and supporting campaigns.
We’re also active and engaged in our local communities in  London and New York City – they are our homes, after all!  During the last Friday of each month, we have our Values Friday, during which we often volunteer with organizations and nonprofits that support our neighbors and causes we care about.


“It means so much more to me that 
we all have a say in what charities we   want to support… I like to think that a   direct output of my work at OMTM is used  to support a charity close to my heart.” 




 Some of the amazing 

 charities we support 


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We’re always looking for talented people. Sure, we’re biased, but we honestly believe we’re the best, most human insight company in the world.


Get in touch and find out why! 

London Hub

Good Space

4 Lonsdale Rd

London NW6 6RD

+44 (0)20 7043 1022

New York Hub

325 Hudson Street

4th FloorNew York

NY 10013

+1 (332) 201 5096

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