Are We Missing the Point of Memory?

Are We Missing the Point of Memory? When you ask people to remember their behaviour and why they behaved that way… well they are so often inaccurate that the question and answer approach to research is just wrong. Behaviour and understanding System 1 (the instinctive, more emotional decision making that governs behaviour) is the only thing that matters… and you… Read more →

Airbnb Solve a Big Data Puzzle

You Can Go A Long Way With A Little Bit Of Human Truth   What’s more important – to know that there are 6 thousand articles about truly human research, or to have read and been inspired by one of them? We love when we see businesses think about Human Truths, and this week we’ve seen a beautiful idea by Judd Antin… Read more →

Politicians Are Values Abusers

Another year, another politician and our blessed leader (for now) Theresa May is waxing lyrical about British values… again. Will they never learn?! Have you ever stopped to wonder what exactly ‘they’ – our political class – mean by any of their ‘values’ claims? Or why there’s this intrinsic belief that these ‘home grown British values’ make us superior to… Read more →

The Problem with Culture

There is an evil amongst us in this marketing industry of ours. It is leading us to confusion and disappointment. This evil is the ubiquitous ‘Cultural Research’. It’s leading charges bandy around phrases such as ‘looking through the cultural lens’, ‘providing you with the cultural expertise’ or ‘realising the cultural perspective.’ Such an approach needs to be handled with considerable… Read more →

Why is Human Insight important?

New rules apply. A new order has risen. The locus of control has changed. Brands no longer control the game. Now is the time of the human! Sound familiar? Have a peruse of any copy of Campaign or Marketing Week and you’ll find at least two or three articles with words to this affect.  But what does all this really mean? Download… Read more →

Brands Make You Happy – Fact!

One day I was at a party and this person said to me, “Brands aren’t important to me… I shop at Aldi and Muji see!”  Popping into my head was that famous allegedly Mark Twain Quote “De-nial ain’t a river in Egypt baby!” Well maybe he didn’t say the baby bit at the end but you get my drift.  … Read more →

Five-Four-Three-Two-One – London we have launch!

Today we open the doors on what we hope is an exciting new journey into insight and research – the Global Human Insight Consultancy, One Minute to Midnight. Some time ago the idea was conceived to create a ‘thing’ that better answered the insight needs of business. We didn’t want to just set up an agency put our ‘fabulous’ names… Read more →